Our Philosophy

We believe you should receive comprehensive financial planning from an ethical, knowledgeable advisor at a fair, reasonable price.

We believe your advisor should be able to explain his or her recommendations to you in a clear manner without any unnecessary jargon.

We believe working together should be an open, pleasant, simplified experience for everyone involved.

Our Process

First, it’s important for you to understand that our company simply provides you with financial advice and guidance and then helps you implement that advice through the company of your choosing. We do not sell products to you. This is key because it drives our process and is probably very different than what you have experienced in the past. You don’t ever have to be concerned that the advice you receive from us has been given because we’re trying to sell you something…because we don’t sell anything to anyone; we provide advice, guidance, and implementation assistance – period.

With that in mind, to begin with, we simply get to know each other. We’ll ask you several questions about your planning needs, preferences, past investment experience, etc… We’ll also answer all of the questions you have for us, including questions about fee structure, implementation logistics, etc… Our first goal is simply to determine whether or not we’re a good match for each other..

Assuming we decide to move forward together, our next step is to learn as much as we can about your financial situation. Our goal in this step is to identify everything that is working, everything that’s not, and everything that could use some improvement. Topics covered during this conversation include (but are certainly not limited to) things like: cash flow/budgeting, debt concerns, health and life insurance coverage, employer-based benefit options, your current savings and investment portfolio, college planning, retirement planning, estate planning concerns, concerns you may have about family dynamics as they relate to finances, etc… There really is a lot more to it than simply analyzing your investment portfolio!

Next, we will spend some time putting together recommendations for you. Once we summarize and present those recommendations to you, we’ll answer any questions you have and address any of your concerns. It’s common for this part of the process to entail some back and forth discussion – sometimes over the course of multiple conversations. Rest assured, we only want to move forward with implementing our proposals if you are totally comfortable with the recommendations we have made. Remember – our goal is not to talk you into anything or sell you anything. Our goal is to give you excellent, tailored advice that makes sense for you so that you can succeed financially.

Finally, we will help you implement the changes we have recommended and establish a financial planning maintenance schedule. As changes occur in your life over time, changes will be necessary in your planning.

Our Promise

Our promise is that we will always do everything in our power to put you in the best financial position possible. We will treat you the way we would want to be treated if we were seeking financial advice – the way we would want our own family members to be treated.

That doesn’t mean that everything we recommend will go exactly according to plan; in fact, know that this will not be the case – nothing in life goes exactly according to plan. We also know that the way we say we do business probably sounds “too good to be true” to many people, and we can certainly understand why that is the case.

Nonetheless, we stand by what we have said here. Give us a call, and we feel confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.